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内容摘要:春节在中国是最重要的节日。每个人都尽可能的和家人在一起。人们都会吃一顿丰盛的晚饭。所有的家人在一起,欣赏晚会的表演, www.673673.com ,中国北方的人们还会吃饺子。每个家庭都会做一些好吃的,现... 春节在中国是最重要的节日。每个人都尽可能的和家...



  Spring Festival in China is the most important holiday.Each people will together with family member in same place as far as possible .The people can have a sumptuous dinner.All family members in the same place, appreciate the party the performance, north part of Chinas people also can eat the stuffed dumpling.Each family can do delicious some, now many persous will go to the good dining room to eat meal

  (最后一句中文是不是这个:现在有很多人会去好的餐厅吃饭 这句翻译:Nowadays, many people will go upscale restaurant for dinner.)

  Chinas Spring Festival is the most important holiday. Every person and family together as much as possible. People will eat a sumptuous dinner. All the family together, show the performances, the people of north China will eat dumplings. Each family will do some delicious, it is now very good restaurant metropolitan area

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